Friday, 17 December 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

So today is my last day in the office before I get to spend some time off! Soul Survivor Extra is done and on tape. I think it's come together really well – hope that people enjoy it when it's broadcast. It's a good look behind what Soul Survivor is all about, why it exists and the difference that it makes. I really encourage people to send their youth groups – lives get changed.

Anyway… I'm about to go for my company Christmas meal and then I'm done. I should really turn my attention now to the message for our Christmas Eve Meeting. I'm excited about this one, we've never really done something on Christmas Eve at our church to my recollection – but it is a great time for potential outreach and to come together as a church family. There may even be mince pies!

Right, I need to finish off this Message from last year's Soul Survivor then I can go enjoy some Turkey!

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