Luke's Books
I have written a number of books both fiction and non fiction.

The Witch's Gate

When he was seven years old, Nick Fuller woke up one night to find his Mother and Father brutally murdered and his brother, Carl missing. It was an event that would shape his life, in way that he could never have imagined. Nick finds himself pulled into a world of Witchcraft and Magic and is drawn in to a battle between good and evil. In a fight for both his life and the fate of the world, he must learn to face up to the darkness inside himself and question everything he has ever known.
The Witch's Gate is a novel for young teens, intended to be a gospel presenation, but one that does not on the surface appear to be a Chrisitan book. In fact in places it may even come across as anti-christian.
This is to attempt to reach someone who would not pick up a Christian book. It's a dark fantasy story, aimed very much at children who are into this genre. There's a lot of darkness in Children's fantasty and a lot of promotion of Witchcraft and negative ideas. This book is an attempt to be a remedy to that, to speak something positive and show the love of God.
It is a dark story, but one that speak of life, forgiveness and love. The intention is that this book will be bought by Christians, for Non-Christians as a tool to show them the gospel - but hiding it in a story so they can discover it as they read.
Jesus would often hide his message in stories and parables, because there is a real powerful effect when we tell a story. I hope people will read this book with their guard down and be touched by the love and forgiveness offered by God.
The purpose of this book is to be a sheep in wolves clothing, so that it can reach out to those who have little interest in the Gospel.

Dealing with Sin

What is Sin? Why do we do the things we hate? What is it that drives us to sin? What's more, what can we do about it? Luke Taylor examines these questions, looks at why even as Christians we still sin, what we can do to defend ourselves against it and what attitude we can have to our sin. With full colour images throughout this is a great coffee table book that is challenging and also comforting.

Jesus did not turn water into wine and God is not on your side

Jesus did not turn water into wine. God is not on your side. It might sound like a controversial title for a book, but these two statements can help transform the way you live as a Christian. Rather than shout “Blasphemy!” I hope that by the end of this, you will agree with these phrases and see a real challenge in them and that you will recall these phrases and they will remind you of what I am saying.