Thursday, 11 February 2010

Soup Week

Soup Week

So this week I'm trying to loose weight... and I'm having a lot of soup for lunch... well, not a lot - just having it every day.

I bought enough for 4 days, but forgot to bring some today. Thankfully Jamie had some spare... ham and pea.... this is a picture of it. NOw is it just me, or does that look unusually solid for soup?

I do feel a lot less bloated with soup for lunch every day. In fact it does feel like it's making a difference... but, my goodness - it's depressing. I'm craving solid food.

Wonder how long I can keep this up. I currently weight 12 and a half stone... which sounds light until you see that I'm only 5ft 5. I think 11 is a good target... will the soup get me there?
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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Balls.... strange things. You go to so much effort with your masks, ours here were home made and took a fair while to do. Then you wear a nice suit or dress... then feel very odd when you put a mask on.
Then you get to the party and realsie that if you actually wear the mask you will fall over a lot and can't really eat. So you have to take it off... and then where can you put it? I think mine ended up back in the car.

Fun... but curious.
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