Monday, 28 September 2009

Me at the Whitehouse

Me at the Whitehouse, originally uploaded by davidluketaylor.

I took a little visit to the Whitehouse before catching the plane. There was a fair bit of hustle and bustle going on - it seems someone was making a movie or a TV programme there.
Not sure what it was, although I'd been standing around looking dopey before I realised I was in the back of shot. I then saw a sign saying that by standing there I was giving up my right to not have my image used. It wasn't made awfully clear I thought, but that seemed to be all the notice that they needed to give. Interesting...
Security was a big higher because of all this - those snipers on the roof looked really prominent. It's strange really - standing around taking pictures of yourself suddenly makes you wonder if you are acting suspiciously when you are in the presence of snipers....

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